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Cashew Designs


BookMyShow Stream: Buy & rent online movies

BookMyShow • 2020 • UI UX & Strategy

From cinemas to your phone, laptop and TV — we designed the online movies experience for millions of BookMyShow users.

▲ Phenomenal first day sales of tenet and wonder woman

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BookMyShow Buzz: Daily Entertainment Titbits

BookMyShow • 2020 • UI UX & Strategy

After more than 10 years, we pivoted parts of the platform from transaction-only to content-hybrid during COVID-19 for additional source of revenue via ads.

▲ Time on app by 300%, stickiness from 2% to 4%

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Your BookMyShow Journey at a Glance

BookMyShow • 2020 • UI UX & Strategy, Growth Hack

To promote our STREAM product, we did a year-end roundup of users’ journey with BookMyShow till now. Millions of eligible users saw their data summary presented in a visually sexy way.

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BookMyShow • 2019 • UI UX & Strategy

Rethought & redesigned the Ratings & Reviews core platform – conducted research, added new touch-points, introduced hashtags as a way for quick review.

▲ Rating:Review by 300%, Time on task reduced 83%

BookMyShow • 2019 • UI UX Strategy, A/B testing

Lots of usability testing and war-room experiments. Ran A/B experiments & optimised the existing platform.

▲ CTR from 25% to 76%, Retention ++

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Re-designing the WhatsApp Ticket that's sent to 15M+ users per month

BookMyShow • 2019 • UI UX & Strategy

Made the ticket easily and quickly scannable at the entry gate of the cinema, and made it quicker to find your seats in the dark.

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Rethinking the BookMyShow Confirmation Screen

BookMyShow • 2019 • Visual Design, Mockups, UI UX & Strategy

Re-designing the confirmation screen of India’s biggest movie ticket booking platform

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User experience for U2 Jousha Tree Tour

BookMyShow • 2019 • UI UX & Strategy, CX

The landing page user experience for U2 Jousha Tree Tour’s 60,000+ attendees in Mumbai, India

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BookMyShow • 2019 • Conference

Here are the top 10 things that I learned.

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BookMyShow • 2019 • Conference

Here are the top 10 things that I learned.

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Re-designing StarClinch from the ground up

StarClinch • 2018 • UI UX & Strategy, Automation

Redesign of India’s biggest Artist & Entertainer booking platform.

New UX strategy & redesigned SEO-friendly website increased traffic and conversions from 40 to 100+ per day. Improved team’s efficiency by 2x. Improved TAT by 30%.

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StarClinch • 2018 • UI UX & Strategy, Chatbot

No ‘Hello from the other side’.

Insights from building a conversational lead capture form at StarClinch.


India • 2022

Responsive website design for pet services.

Singapore • 2021

Responsive website design for personal website.


Singapore • 2020

Product design for online dance booking website.


India • 2020

Responsive website for Human Resources company

Personal Projects

India • 2020

Sharing UI UX and design tips on Instagram

India • 2020

Description WIP

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India • 2020

Automated music genre classification using machine learning

India • 2014

Twitter sentiment analysis library

Kind words by bosses, peers & clients

Hiring Jasdev at BookMyShow can certainly be qualified as one of the smartest hires of my career. He has all that any small or big design team needs. Understands code, a hustler, go-getter, and a great finisher.
Kedar Nimkar
Ex - Head of Design @ BookMyShow
I've worked with Jasdev on multiple projects and he was always understanding of developer and technical constraints. Would definitely recommend him for projects with lot of moving parts, where he's able to keep his head in the right place and deliver results.
Senior Android Dev @ BookMyShow
It was an absolute delight to work with Jasdev. Not often, would you come across a designer who exhibits the values of ownership and customer centricity. I would hire, re-hire him and re-hire him again. He is the best in here. Don't miss out on him.
CEO @ Letzdance

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“Design strategy is actually Business Strategy in disguise.”

Design strategy applies the tactical thinking of a business strategy to the needs of the user in order to create the most effective product.

The sprint is a five-day process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers.
Focuses on understanding user behaviors, needs, and motivations through observation techniques.
Provides the opportunity to free teams from tedious work & allows them to focus on more uniquely human tasks. Makes teams happier and & business more productive.

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I’m currently open to new projects
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