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Web3 and AI startups

  • Making beautiful & usable web3 products @
  • Automating design using AI @
  • Product designer with 10+ yrs experience
  • I understand business, tech & code

I create kickass online experiences

Design is the art & science of problem solving. No-Code helps make products without writing code. Together, they can help you to design, build & ship products super-fast!

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Covers User Interface, User Experience and Product Design of websites, mobile applications, SAAS products, e commerce stores and more.

“Design strategy is actually Business Strategy in disguise.”

Design strategy applies the tactical thinking of a business strategy to the needs of the user in order to create the most effective product.

The sprint is a five-day process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers.

Focuses on understanding user behaviors, needs, and motivations through observation techniques.

Provides the opportunity to free teams from tedious work & allows them to focus on more uniquely human tasks. Makes teams happier and & business more productive.

Get your own website, blog, or store online super-fast, and start your journey towards more customers and money.

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Work Portfolio

BookMyShow Stream: Buy & rent online movies

BookMyShow • 2020 • UI UX & Strategy

From cinemas to your phone, laptop and TV — we designed the online movies experience for millions of BookMyShow users.

▲ Phenomenal first day sales of tenet and wonder woman

BookMyShow Buzz: Daily Entertainment Titbits

BookMyShow • 2020 • UI UX & Strategy

After more than 10 years, we pivoted parts of the platform from transaction-only to content-hybrid during COVID-19 for additional source of revenue via ads.

▲ Time on app by 300%, stickiness from 2% to 4%

Kind words by bosses, peers & clients

One of the smartest hires of my career. Understands code, a hustler, go-getter, and a great finisher.
Kedar Nimkar
Ex - Head of Design @ BookMyShow
Exhibits the values of ownership and customer centricity. I would hire, re-hire him and re-hire him again.
CEO @ Letzdance
Always understanding of developer constraints. Would recommend him for projects with lot of moving parts.
Senior Android Dev @ BookMyShow

Personal Growth

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I talk about design, growth, no-code, MVPs and idea validation.

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