I’m Jasdev, and I design products.
Problem solver specialising in product design, UI/UX, and research.
Currently at BookMyShow.
Previously at StarClinch and D41 Toastmasters.

BookMyShow Buzz - Pivoting to Content

After 20 years we change from a transaction only app to a hybrid app - with stories and other content forms 

2020  |  Mobile, UX, Strategy

BookMyShow Ratings & Reviews

Introducing hashtags - the quickest way to express and consume reviews

2019  |  Mobile, UX, Strategy

Designing a usable rating slider

3/5 is not equal to 60/100

2019  |  Mobile, UX, Strategy

Optimizing Rewards at BookMyShow

Lots of usability testing and war-room experiments. 

2019  |  Product Strategy