Users HATE random pop-overs

The amount of pop-over modals on the web today is too damn high! 🤯

Users HATE random pop-overs. Period.

Pop-overs demand immediate attention, and are a break in an otherwise smooth user experience.

Badly implemented pop-overs, modals, and dialog boxes can in fact increase your drop off rates, take a shit load of loading time, distract from the main goal of the page, and turn the user off.

If your product, marketing, or business team thinks otherwise, and are pushing you to insert a random pop-over in your site, then here are 2 tips to save your business:

1. Ask the value add for the user. If it’s not relevant to the current process or current page, don’t add it in a pop-over. If it’s a lower priority thing, then add it on the page scroll *after* the main content.

2. Think if you can move the pop-over content to somewhere else in the overall user journey. For eg: subscribe to newsletter, it can possibly be a checkbox in the sign up flow.

What do y’all think? Comment below 👇🏼