Namaste, I'm Jasdev

Engineer turned designer

It all started with my grandfather, who was a passionate problem solver. During my early years in life with him, I became fond of science and the way things work. From cloth clips to toys to gadgets – everything fascinated me.

Curiosity killed the cat. In my story, it made me passionate enough to choose science and then engineering in my career, during the course of which I got a chance to network with amazing like-minded people and develop an experimentative mindset.

That mindset and my innate desire to solve problems made me dip my toe in design – not just graphic design, but design to solve a real world problem.

Fast forwarding 6 years – I’ve helped 3 companies grow tremendously through design. More recently so, during the COVID-19 pandemic, I was able to help two startups launch their successful online products.

I feel lucky to live in such amazing times where digital products are booming and so is the need for good design solutions.

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What I do

Expect creativity


Obsess over details

Value relationships


Make things

Exceed expectations


Do the impossible

What I don't

Work late/weekends

Resist cake

Sacrifice quality for profit


Lose at PUBG

Work for free


Impossible deadlines



I’m incredibly inspired by traveling. It helps fuel my creativity.

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