Stanza Living App Home-screen

Branded and illustrative redesign of Stanza Living mobile app home-screen

My role

UI/UX Designer


1 day

Skills used

  • Visual Design
  • Branding

Tools used 

  • Adobe XD
  • Photoshop


  • Hi-fi mockup


Stanza Living is a provider of branded and state-of-the-art co-living spaces. Their mobile app is used by ‘Stanzens’ to order food, check in/out of their room, sort payments, raise complaints, and more. This project aims to redesign just the home-screen of the app, keeping the most important functions accessible to the user. 


Home screen - Day

  • The screen background shows a bright and lit picture of a Stanza Living work desk area. This is symbolic to making your day bright and full of productivity.
  • Shows current check-in/out status and allows a Stanzen to toggle that using one click. On the backend, we can have a centralized system that auto locks and unlocks doors for the Stanzen. This functionality would be password, PIN or fingerprint-lock protected.
  • Depending on mess timings, it shows a shortcut to either breakfast menu or lunch menu. The next screen would show the full menu, which would again be minimally designed with picture illustrations, bold fonts and colors. 
  • There are options to chat/call with support, and options for checking payment status. Payment screen can have options to link with card or Wallet, and will provide a centralized interface to pay dues for rent, food, laundry, internet, etc.

Home screen - Night

  • The screen background in this case shows a dark and dim picture of a Stanza Living bed. This symbolizes that it is sleep time. 
  • In the context of night time (say post 8 PM), the check-in toggle will contain additional relevant options. These will open once a Stanzen clicks on the small arrow that is shown at the bottom right of the toggle.

Home screen - Night - Nightout

  • When a Stanzen clicks the small arrow on the check-in/out toggle post 8 PM, two additional options will open: Late Entry and Nightout.
  • These additional options will open in different screens and will have their own flow. 

Side note: I do not work for Stanza Living, and the designs from this case study are strictly my own. Unlike the designers who work at Stanza Living, I don’t have full access to all the user data that influenced their current design. As a result, this design is not exhaustive, and I am certainly not suggesting that Stanza Living abandon their current design and adopt my redesign.

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