Internshala Signup Redesign

Branded and illustrative redesign of Internshala signup page

My role

UX Designer


1 day

Skills used

  • Visual Design
  • Branding

Tools used 

  • Adobe XD
  • Photoshop


  • Hi-fi mockup


Internshala is one of India’s largest internship discovery platforms. Before a student can apply for an internship, their user account (aka profile) is needed, and a signup page is typically used for that purpose. The aim of this project was to make the signup page more usable, aesthetically appealing and within brand guidelines of the company.

Business objective: Get more signups.


Side note: I do not work for Internshala, and the designs from this case study are strictly my own. Unlike the designers who work at Internshala, I don’t have full access to all the user data that influenced their current design. As a result, this design is not exhaustive, and I am certainly not suggesting that Internshala abandon their current design and adopt my redesign.

The old design – out of line with brand colors, and outdated UI elements.

The new design – featuring an illustration with the Internshala paper plane, signifying what the platform helps us do. Also notice the use of brand colors and modern form UI elements.

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