Hike ft. Jasdev

My resume structured like the Hike Messenger app

(an attempt to woo Hike to hire me 😅)

My role

UI/UX Designer 


3 days

Skills used

  • Visual Design
  • Mockup
  • UX Strategy
  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • Fun

Tools used 

  • Photoshop
  • InVision


  • Hi-fi mockup
  • App prototype

The Problem

I want to get hired at Hike as a UI/UX Designer. 

Business objective: Stop trolling on the Internet and get a paying job.


Assumptions and Constraints

My hypothesis is that Hike would be getting tons of hiring requests – people sliding into their DMs (and emails and LinkedIn). 

In between such noise it can be difficult to find talented people who would take Hike’s awesomeness forward. Trust me, even Natasha can’t do this for you. 

Okay, sure.

I was sold the day I first used Hike (26 August, 2017) and have been looking forward to contribute with all my heart and soul. And so here goes my attempt of wooing the peeps at Hike. 

Persona: "The Perfect Candidate"

Eats. Sleeps. Designs. Repeats.

An average Sikh guy. Interested too much in technology and computer games. Works to fulfill his passion of design. Runs on fried chicken, and then later runs in the gym. 

jasdev singh picture

Advantages of hiring

  • Can do UX and product design.
  • Knows lots of really bad PJs.
  • His mum says that he’s super special and any company would be lucky to have him.

Disadvantages of hiring

  • Has an unhealthy obsession with KFC and keeps ordering it regularly.

Competition Analysis

I also took a quick look at some of the competition I could find using Google.


Working InVision Prototype

I assembled all the hi-fi mockups into InVision and made a working prototype of my resume structured like the Hike messenger app. This would help give an almost realistic experience to the team at Hike. 

I gave myself a Hi 5 right after this!

Parts of this project were built more than two years ago, and I’ve just re-used them for the sake of saving time. My design sense and finesse has improved a lot since then. 

Hi-fi Mockup Screens

Home screen listing all the chats (life events) that happened to me. Almost chronological.
The first chat .
Back cam view. Pun intended.
Who wouldn't want to work in the Shire of offices!?
My cellphone is there. Make my hotline bling!
Such skills. Much wow.
Yes, I fit culturally as well.
Hiki, do you love me?



Slide into my DMs on Hike @jazdev, and let’s get our conversation started! 😀

Alternatively, contact me via my website:

Feel free to have a look around my portfolio (this website) for other work that I’ve been doing.

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